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Law Office of Farah Hobballah, PLC is a multi-award winning Legal Power House specializing in Federal Criminal Defense and Immigration Law.   

The Law Office of Farah Hobballah, PLC is a dedicated, experienced and passionate legal service that befits all your legal needs. Attorney Farah Hobballah and her team will fight and work tirelessly for your immigration, placement, return or visit in the U.S.A. Attorney Farah is a proud member of the prestigious American Immigration Lawyer’s Association (AILA). Attorney Farah is constantly on top of the country’s most current Immigration laws and practice. 

One thing you need to know about our Firm is we’re the go-to immigration consultants to half a dozen law firms in the country! They come to us for advice, why wouldn’t you? 

Because we’re known to provide excellent immigration work, you would often hear about our damage control reputation after having been with others! We are the CLEAN-UP crew! 


Zealous Advocacy

At the Law Office of Farah Hobballah, PLC, you will receive individualized, special attention from Attorney Farah Hobballah, Esq. 

The Law Office of Farah Hobballah, PLC will work on your case with passion and diligence and ensure that your interests are met with efficiency. 

When you retain Attorney Farah Hobballah, Esq, you get what you pay for, which is world-class, award-winning, reputable legal advocacy that resonates throughout our community and world-wide. 

Our team treats our clients with respect, and appreciation.  

If you’ve read this far then you’re already family. 

Areas of Practice

Immigration Law

Real Client Testimonials & Google Reviews

Criminal Defense


Immigration Law is a super complex area of law that embodies several categories such as immigrant and non-immigrant visas: 

Deportation and Removal Defense:

Business Immigration 

Entertainment Visas -musicians and artists

Sports Visas -athletes

Employment Visas

Family-based immigration 



U-Visa and T-Visa is available for those who have been victims of crimes. 

Visitor Visa is a Visa that has no immigrant intent, used by those who wish to visit the U.S.A for business or pleasure, for a short period of time and return to their home country. 

Criminal Defense

Real Client Testimonials & Google Reviews

Criminal Defense


The Law Office of Farah Hobballah, PLC provides specialized criminal representation to all U.S. Citizens and non-US Citizens. We place heightened focus on non-U.S. Citizens facing criminal charges. Our Immigration Law background is CRUCIAL and CRITICAL to the finalization of your criminal charge. If you’re a non-citizen and you get into trouble, the ONLY attorney you need is a crimmigration attorney—yes, that's a word. Your simple conviction may lead to your removal and deportation if you are a non-U.S. Citizen. 

Attorney Farah Hobballah, Esq should be your first choice—she will do everything in her power to make sure every decision made in district, circuit or federal court doesn’t lead you to immigration court! 

Real Client Testimonials & Google Reviews

Real Client Testimonials & Google Reviews

Real Client Testimonials & Google Reviews


"I hired the law firm for multiple law matters. This is one of the best law firms in the area. Very respected, reliable and dependable. They respond to emails, phones calls very quickly. They do a great job representing their clients. I will definitely hire them again in the future.

"Amazing experience and Farah Hoballah and her staff are very professional and friendly that makes you feel comfortable with their treatment. I really recommend working with them knowing that your things will get done in immigration.
Thank you very much for all the support and the hard working you have done to us." H.R

"Farah Hobballah is the most professional, open minded attorney my family and I have ever encountered, and we've with our situation have encountered a lot. Her success rates dont surprise me seeing as what she did for our family, actually saved our family. 4 months ago ago, My ex wife and I came to a conclusion that we needed a divorce, but we both for the first time came to the mutual decision that we didn't want to hurt our kids in any way. A friend of hers referred us to Farah Hobballah, the best attorney that weve encountered, and like I said, weve encountered lots, that failed us. Our situation was very complicated, and most attorneys couldnt wrap their heads around it. When I say Farah is the most open minded attorney out there, i say that because she understood it all. She understood why and respected our decision and set up one of the best plans for our children. I am so grateful for her, and we can't thank her enough. Much love." LA

Meet Farah Hobballah, Esq


Principal Attorney and Counselor at Law




Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, J.D. 2014

University of Michigan, B.A. English Literature

State Admissions:

State Bar of Michigan 2015

U.S. District Court(s):

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, 2015

Farah Hobballah, Esq, is the Principal Attorney and Litigator at Law Office of Farah Hobballah, PLC., and is licensed to practice law in the State of Michigan as well as the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. 

Memberships/Boards: Counselor Hobballah is a former Commissioner of the Dearborn Housing Commission. In addition, she serves on the executive board of the Arab American Political Action Committee "AAPAC" as their secretary. 

Counselor Hobballah specializes in Immigration and Criminal Law;  her range expands from simple to complex in both procedure and litigation in several areas of law. 

Counselor Hobballah has been awarded by the prestigious Super Lawyers as a Rising Star in the area of Immigration Law for two years in a row. 

Counselor Hobballah has extensive, thorough experience in Immigration law and criminal law. Her experience ranges from family-based to business-based immigration as well as Waivers for re-entry back into the States after being deported. Counselor Hobballah has a reputation of rectifying serious immigration issues in criminal court, specifically in immigration and federal court.  

Counselor Hobballah and her team provides a strong, competent criminal defense ranging from simple traffic offenses to federal offenses. Counselor Hobballah is at her best in the courtroom, fighting for your rights. Counselor Hobballah can also assist you with criminal appeals, as well as getting your qualifying convictions expunged or set aside.

Counselor Hobballah understands that your situations are unique to you and the strategy for each Client is not constant or linear. Because of this you can be assured that she will have a clear understanding that your case, no matter what it is, is treated on an individual, specialized and unique basis.

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